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We at Handful Of Keys Theatre Company, are dedicated to collaborating with performers and encouraging new and exciting work. We have set up a GoFundMe as a way of gaining financial support, during the Covid-19 crisis, to enable development of work to continue as well as supporting our artists who are faced with cancelled contracts and little chance of working until the industry re-opens in 2021. With the governments SEISS support coming to end, and with many of us deemed ineligible for governments support, we must work together to ensure a future for the entertainment industry. Regional companies and artists are a major part of this collaboration and are often left behind... we are therefore working towards the following aims:

1) To provide financial support to the writing and development of new work


2) To enable us to continue supporting the performers and writers who work with our company


3) To further the development of 'Handful Of Keys Theatre Company' and to continue to nurture and build relationships with different sectors of our industry.

Click here if you'd like to donate. A small donation could make a big difference.

Thank you.

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